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In my daily practice, I see that people tend to normalize all their symptoms, which is why sometimes they think that their gastrointestinal system is perfect and when I start to investigate slowly, the root of all their problems is in their intestine. Some resort to medications to relieve gas (some of them harmful for containing aluminum), others use antacids, laxatives, probiotics (the more I study the microbiota, the less I prescribe probiotics). Probiotics are the icing on the cake, their consumption at first can cause more harm (much depends on the patient’s clinical picture), in the case of cancer patients, their consumption is suicide.

Sometimes the symptoms are not as obvious as diarrhea, there may be constipation (where gastrointestinal problems are not considered), gas, fruit intolerance (they eat fruit and diarrhea starts), people who never had problems with lactose and overnight simply cannot tolerate it, etc.

Signs that your gut needs help:

1.- Insatiable craving for sweets, intestinal health problems, intestinal inflammation and other gastrointestinal problems are the recurring causes behind the craving for sugar, pathogenic intestinal bacteria feed on sugar as their main nutrient source, so the desire for sugar is really the bacteria sending signals that it wants to feed, some studies show that the absence of certain good bacteria also generates that increased desire for sugar.

2.- Fatigue and tiredness, more often than ever before, people with chronic fatigue may have imbalances in the intestine, a study showed that almost half of people with fatigue also had irritable bowel syndrome, inflammation in the digestive tract causes the body to constantly fight in various ways, with one of the final results being fatigue.

3.- Frequent headaches, the population of bacteria that live in your intestine communicates directly with the brain through the vagus nerve and indirectly through metabolites (such as quinolinic acid) that can be dysregulated by dysbiosis causing inflammation, neuroinflammation, and even headaches.

4.- Autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, Hashimoto’s, ankylosing spondylitis are strongly connected to the bacteria that inhabit your intestine, even ankylosing spondylitis can be triggered by an intestinal infection in people genetically predisposed to develop it.

Do you identify with any of these symptoms? The first three steps you need to take to heal your gut are:

These first three simple steps can help you start to deflate your intestine:

A. Avoid processed foods, high in sugar and trans fats as much as possible. Always prefer natural foods, which you can find at the market, butcher shop, and supermarket.

B. Engage in daily physical activity, with time and intensity gradually increasing.

C. Stay hydrated! Often, that crazy need to eat is simply dehydration.

D. Seek out a specialist who can help you in the process by complementing your treatment in a more specialized and personalized way.


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