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Phase 1:

Dietary Pattern Modification for Optimal Health: Personalized plans to improve nutrition and enhance overall well-being.

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Phase 2:

Probiotic Protocol – Probiotic Therapy to Modulate Symbiotic Microorganisms (100 billion microorganisms forming the human microbiota)

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Phase 3:

Guidelines for Longevity (Mental health, unassisted aging, quality of life in old age, stress resilience, cognitive longevity, etc.)


Welcome To Smart
Nutrition International

By Yvonne Rodriguez

We’re here to help you understand nutrition and eat right. We are overwhelmed with facts, fads, false claims, and frustration in the nutrition and health world, which has exploded onto the internet. Everyone seems to be obsessed with labeling food, which makes us not understand the labels that already exist.

At Smart Nutrition International, we aim to help you grasp nutrition concepts and make healthier food choices. With the overwhelming amount of misinformation on the internet, we provide truthful advice about food and empower you to overcome past challenges and achieve success in your wellness journey.

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Qualified Nutritionist

20+ years in the clinical nutrition field and health education services.

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Online Nutritional Appointment

book your appointment from anywhere in the world.


What We Offer

Personalized nutritional counseling services with a focus on sustainable lifestyle changes and a whole foods approach, I can help you develop a healthier relationship with food and achieve lasting improvements in your overall well-being. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and start your journey to better health.

Gut Health

Gut health services focus on improving digestive system function through personalized nutrition, probiotics, and lifestyle changes. They aim to balance gut bacteria, enhance digestion, and promote overall health and well-being.

Weight Loss Diets

Weight loss diet services provide customized eating plans and support to help individuals reduce body weight. These services focus on calorie control, healthy eating habits, and sustainable lifestyle changes for long-term success.

Mental Health Nutrition

Mental health nutrition services offer personalized dietary guidance to enhance emotional well-being, emphasizing nutrients crucial for cognitive function and mood regulation.

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition services provide tailored dietary plans to optimize athletic performance, focusing on nutrient timing, hydration, and fueling strategies for training, competition, and recovery.


Let's Start Nutritious Experience

Nutrition will define our state of mind and body, the duration of our life and its quality. The role of our diet is essential in how we look, feel and perform. I am sure that a few simple adjustments can improve health.
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Registered Dietitian

I am a registered and licensed clinical dietitian/nutritionist and educator. Extremely talented and experienced in the field of Gut and mental health and Longevity.

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Nutrition Consultation

The goals we set are usually medium to long term, depending on initial health conditions.

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Individualised Support

Advising clients on nutrition issues and healthy eating habits, physical exercise prescription among other aspects dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, improve your quality of life and make it sustainable.


Healthy & Delicious Recipes

Yvonne Rodriguez
July 6, 2024
Yvonne Rodriguez
June 29, 2024


What Client Say's

Yvonne’s program has truly changed my life in just 10 weeks. Her personalized approach to weight management has helped me break through a plateau and achieve lasting results. I feel more alert and energized than ever before. Thank you!

Philip J.

I’m grateful for the patience and time Yvonne has given to me and my daugher. We finally learned that our gut is connected with our brain, and we are what we eat. Thank you Yvonne!


Estoy muy agradecida con Yvonne, es una excelente profesional. Me ha ayudado a lograr que mi pequeña suba de peso en corto tiempo y esta mejorando con su tema de alergias. Gracias a sus recomendaciones en mejorar su dieta y hábitos saludables también hemos adoptado en familia esta alimentación consiguiendo tener una mejor dieta equilibrada.


Debido a mi enfermedsd inmulógica y varias intolerancias no he sido un paciente fácil. El tratamiento ha funcionado desde el primer momento, 7 meses después estoy fenomenal. He recuperado salud y conseguí regular muchos parámetros que creia difícil mejorar. Tras probar muchos especialistas jamás logre estos resultados. Yvonne es una profesional impecable.

Fabio Alhambra

El tiempo de tratamiento con Yvonne ha sido muy positivo.
Decidí empezar porque me encontraba mal en general, con migrañas y malestar general. Pasé de tomar Enamtyum casi todos los días a no tener que tomar casi nunca. La mejora física ha sido evidente. Me siento muy agradecida y feliz.

Lara Álvarez

Yvonne es súper empatica, se interesa en la problemática del paciente y su acompañamiento es excelente. Muy contenta con el servicio y la atención personalizada.


Siento que Yvonne señaló el camino que debo seguir para obtener mis objetivos. Asimismo, ella ha logrado obtener mi confianza al estar pendiente de mis preguntas y dudas, resolviéndolas de la mejor manera.

María Cristina

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