Yvonne is both a nutritionist and an educator. She is the Founder of the Clinical Nutrition Center SMART NUTRITION INTERNATIONAL. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Nutrition at the National University of San Agustín in Peru and she is also a Pediatric Nutrition Specialist and has a Master’s Degree in University Teaching and Research. She also has post-graduate studies in Clinical Nutrition and Engineering Production of Goods & Services.

Performance Licensed Human Nutrition CNP 2458 . Experienced in Clinical Nutrition, focusing on Pediatric Nutrition, weight loss, aesthetics, sports performance, food allergy / intolerances, plastic surgery. Working for over 15 years with children and adults teaching them to change habits and have a healthier lifestyle working with patients with conditions such as obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemias, hypertension, cancer, depression, eating disorders, gastrointestinal problems, dietary supplements, hypertrophy, eating behavior, women’s health among others. Making plans adapted to each situation.

Experienced in performing courses / events planning and organization, and elaboration of technical and scientific contents in the field of Nutrition and Health.

Refresher Courses are important to keep up with the latest developments related to Weight Loss, Clinical Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Food Allergies and Intolerances, Biochemistry, Dietary Supplements, Hypertrophy, Eating Behavior, Women’s Health, among others to give you the best of Nutrition service.

Member of the College of Nutritionists of Peru and Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics of the United States. Our Methodology

The personal nutrition consultancy includes:

  1. Complete Nutritional Assessment
  • Dietary evaluation: to know what mistakes and successes you have in the current diet.
  • Evaluation of your nutritional status and needs, as well as body composition, eating habits, preferences, routine and goals. Anthropometric evaluation and folds: In each session an evaluation is made to measure weight, folds and body fat.
  • Clinical evaluation: bring lab tests or you will be required.
  1. Personalized Dietary Program

Considering all aspects of your nutritional evaluation, a highly personalised dietary program will be planned, containing everything you need to put into practice a healthier way of life, including: Personalised Eating Plan, tested and approved recipes, specific nutritional advice, and application of techniques for nutritional education and change in eating behaviour. The plan is personalized according to the type of illness, it is changed every week, they are easy and economical.

  1. Nutritional counseling

Consultations by phone or whatsapp if necessary. Nutritional plan is received, nutritional monitoring, food guides according to the disease.

  1. Additional Services

In addition to standard services mentioned above, I also offer other special services to assist you in everyday life, such as a guided visit to the supermarket and monthly menu planning. At the end of your treatment you will reach an adequate diet for the disease that you suffer with which you will reduce the symptoms and the progress of the disease.